Stephen McCreary

digital // comms // marketing // politico // conservative

Born and raised in Manitoba, been working in the Ottawa bubble since 2008. Lucky husband and a very proud father. Loves BBQ, reading, writing, running, whiskey, the LCHF diet, Winnipeg, and the Jets. Workaholic. Aspiring boat owner.

Stuff I'm doing


I am currently the CPC's Digital Director. Messaging, branding, strategy, fundraising, preparing for the next election, long meetings, walking around Parliament Hill looking important, etc.

Far & Wide

A side project we started a few years ago. This is where I (try to) keep my tangible writing / editing / coding / graphic and video design skills current.

Mixtape Archive

A labour of love. A way to share my trove of old music currently stored in dusty boxes in my basement, and to stay sort-of almost connected to my hometown music scene.

Butter and Bacon

My LCHF site. Half recipe blog, half self-motivational tool, half typically lazily-updated forgotten-about web project, half shitty jokes a la this very sentence.

What they're saying

“Shadowy online disinformation operative.”

- Kady O'Malley

"Known Memelord."

- Lanny Cardow

“Highly-paid Ottawa import.”

- Wayne Easter

Where to find me

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